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NFRBA Junior Tournament February 2018

Summary of Results

This list shows the final order of the players within each group.
Full results showing all scores are available in pdf format, please click to download / view.


Under-11  singles

Under-13  doubles

Jerome Jose Palliyan


Ben Godfrey

Henry Goss     Jacob Sebastian

Anton Moos

Luke Harris     Adam Jacob

Charlie Coller-South

Luke Thompson      Ollie Grant

Jake Reeves

Hughie Browne     Charlie Langridge

Tristan Chipperfield


Ethan Cole


Hussayn Shirazi

Hannah Williams      Melissa Mundy


Esme Cutler     Kate Nuttall

Riya Vinu also played in the group

Evie Thompson     Sadie Brooks



Under-11  doubles

Under-15 boys singles A

Anton Moos      Tristan Chipperfield

Ryan Holmes

Jerome Jose Palliyan     Riya Vinu

Isaac Ling

Jake Reeves      Ethan Cole

Troy Doorley


Jack Rossiter

Under-13 boys singles A

Sehej Singh

Jacob Sebastian


Henry Goss

Under-15 boys singles B

Luke Harrison

George Kurian

James Lunn

Nathan Godfrey

Josh Cole

Jack Martin

Luke Thompson

Max Santer


Eden Morgan

Under-13 boys singles B


Yann Nicolas

Under-15 boys doubles

Alex Godfrey

Jack Martin    Ryan Holmes

Adam Jacob

Nathan Godfrey    Isaac Ling

Max Siddle

Yann Nicolas    Eden Morgan

Ollie Grant

Max Santer    Troy Doorley


Sehej Singh    Raza Shirazi

Under-13 girls singles


Melissa Mundy

Under-15 girls singles

Hannah Williams

Mia Reeves

Esme Cutler

Mia Whittaker

Sadie Brooks

Grace Rossiter

Evie Thompson




Under-13 mixed doubles

15 plus girls doubles

Melissa Mundy     Eden Morgan

Georgina Turner    Abby Girling

Hannah Williams     Henry Goss

Li Pamnani    Georgia Debling

Sadie Brooks      Anton Moos

Grace Rossiter    Mia Reeves







15 plus mixed doubles

Under-19 boys singles

Amy Sanders    Nathan Chow

Pengliang Hong

Ben Deery    Li Pamnani

Nathan Chow

Georgina Walden    Yusha Sheikh

Bryan Ching

Max Santer    Mia Reeves

Atharva Lad

Rachel Manning    Josh Cole

Harpo Randall

Jack Rossiter    Mia Whittaker

James Bowman



Under-17 boys singles

Under-19 boys doubles

Ben Deery

Pengliang Hong    Atharva Lad

Callum Chow

Bibiyan Rai    Bryan Ching

Bibiyan Rai

Harpo Randall    Yusha Sheikh

Shiam Srikumar

Bradley Latter    Callum Laxton

Patrik Andrascik


Zac Twyman


Divij Gupta


Austin George


Fergus Rogers




Under-17 boys doubles


Callum Chow   Zac Twyman


Charan Ananth   Ben Deery


Austin George   George Kurian


Patrik Andrascik   Divij Gupta




17 plus girls singles


Abby Girling


Georgina Turner


Li Pamnani


Rachel Manning





Full results showing all scores are available in pdf format,
please click to download / view full results

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Last updated: 04 March 2018