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2007 / 2008

1.             All clubs entering the competition must be affiliated to K.B.L. and to N.F.R.B.A.

2.             Rules for playing will be as laid down by the Badminton England.

3.              Players must be under 17 years of age on the 3lst December of the current season.

4.              A team will consist of 6 players (any combination of boys and girls) arranged in 3 pairs. Members of the 1st and 2nd pairs will play one singles each and two doubles. The 3rd pair plays three doubles only. Singles players must be ranked according to ability.

5.              A match using Rally Point scoring will consist of 11 games - 4 games of singles to 21 points and 7 games of doubles to 31 points with no setting.

6.              A player is eligible to play for a junior club even though he/she has played for a senior team.

7.              Players may only play for one junior club within the competition.

8.              The home team must send a completed Match Score Card to the Regionís Match Secretary within 24 hours of a match being played.

9.              Each division will consist of a maximum of 6 teams.

10.          The team with the greatest number of points, only, of each division, will be promoted to the next higher division.  The team with the least number of points in each division will be relegated to the next lower division.  Where two teams have an equal number of points, the final position will be decided by the ratio of games for to games against, or if still equal, by ratio of aces for to aces against.

11.          Any club entering two teams in the competition shall send to the Junior Secretary the names of its first team before any match is played. In the event of any club not having submitted such nominations before playing the first match, the players who took part will be regarded as having been nominated. No player having been nominated for the first team shall be eligible to play for the second team. In addition, no player shall be eligible to play for the second team if he/she has played for the first team in the same competition on more than two occasions.

When a club has two teams in one division each team has to be nominated. Reserves for either team must be sought from eligible players outside that division until the two fixtures between those teams have been played; thereafter the normal playing-up rules apply.

12.          Feathered shuttles will be used.

Oct 2007

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Last updated: 01 November 2007