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Junior Player of the Year


2017 Winner Georgia Debling

The award this year has been given to Georgia Debling. She played a major role in organising the UV badminton demonstration – helping with planning, risk assessment, setting up and dismantling. As captain of our second U19 Inter-Regional team Georgia was a tremendous help to the other girls who were both playing in it for the first time against very strong opposition.  (The UV reference relates to a session played in the dark with highlighted racquets and shuttles etc - exciting and hopefully to be repeated).


2016 Winner Rachel Napier

Rachel has been working with new and young players in the Thanet Area. Rachel’s teacher commented “This season she has led her team to win the Kent School Games U16 competition” “As the team captain she began taking on some coaching, encouraging and motivating her players to follow the path she was taking and improve both their game and their tactical understanding.” This was done in free time on a voluntary basis.


2015 Winner George Hill.

George was awarded for his contribution to promoting badminton at Manwood Club. George attended weekly to help the coaches by demonstrating, helping with drills, playing in with newer players and in particular, encouraging new older juniors. George successfully strengthened the IR team and inspired others to follow him. George is known for his patience and tactical skills.


2014 Winner Morrison Ayley.

Morrison won the award for promoting badminton in both his school and local club. Morrison played in the senior and encouraged other juniors to. In the junior club, regularly helping with demonstrations, he put much effort into improving the technique and shot selection he had learnt at County level to improve the skills of younger junior players. Morrison is always ready to work with the players aiming to follow him to county.


2013 Winner Fern Jefferies

Fern worked hard to encourage more girls to play and then to play hard. Fern used the skills she picked up at senior level to strengthen their play and to get more playing in an assertive and confident manner. Fern also worked to encourage the younger girls by helping with drills and tactics at the junior club. Fern’s early involvement at senior level is a positive spur to many other girls.


2012 Winner David Cooke

David worked within the junior club to encourage many players to county training. David was keen to help with the coaching and worked to demonstrate technique with new juniors of all ages. The juniors were happy to watch and learn from him, especially when he was demonstrating the harder shots, they also wanted to partner him and the braver ones wanted to play against him whenever they could to improve their game.

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Last updated: 29 July 2018