29th/30th March 2008

Summary Of Results

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U11 Boys Singles

Winner - Robert Micklewright (Medway)

Runner-Up - Henry Skinner (Medway)

Plate - Ryan Nash (Folkestone)


U11 Girls Singles

Winner - Catherine McNally

Runner-Up - Eleanor Burns (Hildenborough)


U11 Combined Doubles

Winners - Robert Micklewright (Medway) & Henry Skinner (Medway)

Runners-Up- Chris Hubbard (Hildenborough) & Joshua Masters (Medway)


Full U11 Results in downloadable Excel format


U13 Boys Singles

Winner - Russell Field

Runner-Up - James West (Medway)

Plate - Jacob Farbrace (Folkestone)


U13 Girls Singles

Winner - Paige Butler (OJs (Orpington))

Runner-Up - Billie King

Plate - Rhianna White (Medway)


U13 Boys Doubles

Winners - Christopher Jenner (Kings) & Russell Field

Runners-Up - Jacob Farbrace (Folkestone) & Ryan Nash (Folkestone)

Plate - Charles Woodham (Hartsdown) & Jamie Stewart (Hartsdown)


U13 Girls Doubles

Winners - Paige Butler (OJs (Orpington)) & Lauren McNally

Runners-Up - Amy Spring (Medway) & Rhianna White (Medway)

Plate - Isabelle Hills (Folkestone) & Ashley Mainwaring


Full U13 Results in downloadable Excel format


U15 Boys Singles

Winner - Nicholas Jones (Medway)

Runner-Up - Marc Horrex (St Thomas)

Plate - William Collett (Herne Bay)


U15 Girls Singles

Winner - Sophie Worsfold (Angel (Tonbridge))

Runner-Up - Millie Rowe (Hildenborough)


U15 Boys Doubles

Winners - Nicholas Jones (Medway) & Marc Horrex (St Thomas)

Runners-Up - Ali Bhatti (Medway) & James Dickins

Plate - Bobby Brown (Kent) & Ross Pilkington (Angel (Tonbridge))


U15 Girls Doubles

Winner - Millie Rowe (Hildenborough) & Sophie Worsfold (Angel (Tonbridge))

Runner-Up - Billie King & Nicola Hollamby (Herne Bay)


U15 Mixed Doubles

Winner - Millie Rowe & Bobby Brown

Runner-Up - William Collett (Herne Bay) & Nicola Hollamby (Herne Bay)


Full U15 Results in downloadable Excel format


U17 Boys Singles

Winner - Zan Bhatti (Medway)

Runner-Up - James Sullivan (Ashford)

Plate - Neal Makwana (Pfizer)


U17 Girls Singles

Winner - Bethany Hunter (Medway)

Runner-Up - Summer Lowe

Plate - Hannah Robinson (Kings)


U17 Boys Doubles

Winners - James Sullivan (Ashford) & Alex Fountain

Runners-Up - Andreas Tatt (Kings) & Thomas Higham (Kings)

Plate - Zan Bhatti (Medway) & Charlie King


U17 Girls Doubles

Winner - Bethany Hunter (Medway) & Summer Lowe

Runner-Up - Diana Harrison (Hartsdown) & Jessica Patten (Hartsdown)


U17 Mixed Doubles

Winner - Zan Bhatti (Medway) & Bethany Hunter (Medway)
Runner-Up - Thomas Higham (Kings) & Hannah Robinson (Kings)


Full U17 Results in downloadable Excel format


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