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1)                 All junior league clubs are invited to participate.

2)                 Clubs are responsible for arranging the required fixtures. All rounds are to be completed in sufficient time for the final to be played at the end of the season.

3)                 The Committee will make the draw, which may be seeded.

4)                 Each team will comprise 6 players 2 under 13; 2 under 15; 2 under 17 as at 31st December of the current season.

5)                 In the event that a club cannot field a particular age group they can by arrangement with the opposition agree to field two of one of the other age groups to be matched evenly by the opposition. Mismatched age groups are not acceptable. At least two age groups must be represented.

6)                 The age of the older player of each age group pair determines the age of that pair. Thus individuals may play up in age but not down.

7)                 The first (upper) club for each fixture is the home club.

8)                 A single match decides the winner who will proceed to the next round.

9)                 Each match comprises 9 rubbers 3 doubles and 6 singles. Rally points scoring to be used with no setting.

10)             Each doubles rubber comprises one game to 31 (changing at 16)
Each singles rubber comprises best of three games to 21 (changing at 11).

11)             Feathered shuttles will be used.

12)             Results must be forwarded promptly to the Match Secretary.

The draw layout will be along these lines (adjusted according to the number of entries). This example has 5 teams. The top and bottom of the draw (clubs A and E here) will be the first and second seeds. The other positions will be subject to a draw under the auspices of the NFRBA Committee.

Round 1 Round 2 Final Winner
 Bye Club 'A'    

Club 'B'


Club 'C'

Bye Club 'D'    
Bye Club 'E'    




Round 1 Round 2 Final Winner
Bye Falcons    
Bye Herne Bay    
Bye The Kings    


Oct 2008

Click to download a copy of the above rules and draw in word format.


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Last updated: 27 October 2008