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North Foreland Regional Badminton Association
2017 / 2018 Season

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North Foreland area is situated within North East Kent, England, covering towns and cities such as Broadstairs, Birchington, Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Margate, Minster, Sandwich, Westgate and Whitstable

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These  pages are maintained to keep members informed of activities arranged by the Association and to provide results of league matches played in all North Foreland divisions.



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Sat 14th May 2018

Inter-Club Event (see results below)

Sun 4th February 2018

NFRBA Junior Tournament


NFRBA 2017/18 Season

Divisional Winners

Mixed Premier  Apollo (Ashford) I
Mixed 1  Westgate I
Mixed 2  Scorpions
Mens6 1  The Kings I
Mens6 2  Westgate
Mens6 3  Hartsdown Park
Composite 1  The Kings I
Composite 2  Westgate II
Ladies4  Alpha
Juniors 1   Ajax
Juniors 2  Falcons

Clubs in North Foreland Badminton Association

Club Area Club Area
Ajax Sandwich Invicta-Pilgrims Westbere
Alpha Birchington Kennington Ashford
Apollo (Ashford) Mersham Kings Road Herne Bay
Apollo (Canterbury) Canterbury Manwood Road Juniors Sandwich
Christ Church University Canterbury Minster Minster
Dane Court Broadstairs Racqueteers Canterbury
Falcons Juniors Faversham Rovers Canterbury
Faversham Faversham Scorpions Sandwich
Hartsdown Park Margate The Kings Canterbury
Herne Bay Juniors Herne Bay Westgate Birchington
    Wyndgate Folkestone

Please click here for more information about the above clubs.

NFRBA Inter-Club Event 14th May 2018

Summary of Results


  Raw Points Adjusted Points Ratio
Squad For Against For Against For/Against
The Kings B 771 644 818 652 1.2546
Kings Road A 779 584 820 701 1.1698
Kings Road B 769 662 792 684 1.1579
Faversham 660 690 746 703 1.0612
The Kings A 820 515 820 790 1.038
Hartsdown A 684 716 746 749 0.996
Rovers 641 756 754 770 0.9792
Hartsdown B 660 769 740 769 0.9623
Apollo(C) 738 730 741 790 0.938
Racqueteers A 499 822 649 822 0.7895
Racqueteers B 660 793 660 856 0.771

To view full results in pdf format please click here.

Club Event 2018 – Report

With a bit of a struggle we just reached the ideal of 12 teams – until a late drop-out reduced this to 11 with no chance of filling any gap – a shame but these things happen. The clubs entering changed somewhat from last year with Invicta/Pilgrims being absent and The Kings and Apollo(C) entering. So we had a group of 6 teams and one of 5. A sub-group of the Committee sorted out handicaps for each player based on information from the clubs themselves and from our own knowledge – but these handicaps were and remain secret.

The matches consisted of a mens, a ladies and 2 mixed doubles with each using the format of two games from scratch. Group 1 matches were played to 21 points with no setting. To allow for the reduced number of games the play in Group 2 ended at 26 points.

Following comments from last year we asked clubs entering 2 teams to make their A team the stronger of the two and these we allocated to Group 1. This seemed to work well. Play in both groups resulted in close games.

At the end of the event the overall positions of the teams (combined from both groups) depended on the total points scored and the total points conceded, after the application of the handicaps. As usual some of the handicaps worked very well – some were way out – we live and learn.

The winners were The Kings B from Group 2 – congratulations to them. The strongest team in Group 1 were Kings Road A who came second overall.

A summary table and a full set of detailed results are available.

One question perhaps to consider for next year. Is the event too long? It started soon after 10.00 and ended around 5.30. Would it be better to shorten it by playing one game to 31, say, rather than 2 to 21?

Having said all that, the feedback indicated another enjoyable day.

David Gardner (reporting)



NFRBA Teams Played in both
Junior and Senior Inter-Regional Tournament

NFRBA Junior Team

It’s a shame that we now have just 4 regions taking part in the event. Following withdrawals of other regions we entered two U19 teams to make the entries up to 4 in that age-group. In fact Tunbridge Wells would also have entered 2 teams except that they wished to get an early end of play due to the need to travel to the ICT event.
Our first team of Ethan Solly, Harry Hodges, Christopher Liu, Georgina Walden, Alyssa Chin and Amy Sanders came very close to beating the strong Tunbridge Wells team – the match between Ethan and Rory Easton was really great to watch. They came out on top in their other 2 ties so ended second overall.
Our second U19 team were up against some really strong opposition but there were some close games. The squad was Andrew Binnie, James Dethier, Jude Fendt, Georgia Debling, Georgina Turner and Annabelle Hillary.

In the U15 group we were again up against a strong Tunbridge Wells team but we did win our encounter with Medway so ended 3rd in the table. Our team was Callum Chow, Ben Deery, Ryan Holmes, Abby Girling, Melissa Mundy and Hannah Williams.

Thanks to team manager Linda.

NFRBA Senior Team

Following our promotion last year our prime aim was to stay in division 1. We achieved this with a win over Ravensbourne. Orpington/NWK were just too strong and easily regained the trophy they lost last season.Our team was Alex Skilton, Mike Barham, Alistair Mannings, Tom Gill-Pratt, Vicki Sutton, Lesley Uphill, Lesley Darlington, Gemma Hill and Sarah Vine.

Thanks to team manager Lesley D.

The full results are on the Kent website.

Dave Gardner                                              May 2017

2017/18 Season

League Table

Individual Club Match Results

(Issue 10, Dated 2nd June 2018)
Final Table for 2017-2018 Season

(League Table Archive)






Summer Clubs


Westgate – Thursdays 7.30-10 at King Ethelberts School, Birchington


Hartsdown – Monday 7.30 Ramsgate Leisure Centre cost £4


Apollo Canterbury – Thursday 7.30-10.30 St Anselms £5 2 courts till end of June then 4 courts from July onwards


Ajax – club members only


Raqueteers – Friday 7-9.30 at Chaucer School till the end of June, then from July on Weds at Simon Langton Boys School cost £6 Juniors £4.50


Faversham  - Tuesday 7-10 Queen Elizabeths School Faversham £5 or £48 for the summer season


Rovers – Tuesday 7.30-9.30 £5 Canterbury College


Invicta Pilgrims – Thursday 7.15-9.15 at Northgate Community Centre £5 adults £2.50 juniors


The Kings – Weds £6.25 for non members


Wyndgate – Fridays till end of July then possibly 2 courts only in August



Other Activities

Para Badminton

Every Thursday from 6th September to 18th October
10:00-11:30, free to members, £6.50 for non members.

Avenue Tennis, Featherby Road, Gillingham, ME8 6AN

For more information please click here to view poster.


No Strings Badminton Sessions
(Pay and Play)

For players who would like to just turn up somewhere to have a game of badminton but who are not perhaps ready or do not wish to join a club then there are ‘pay and play’ sessions available in the area. They can be found in Canterbury, Margate, Herne Bay, Whitstable plus other locations.
For details of sessions near you please visit


Badminton Sessions
running at King’s(Canterbury)

No Strings badminton Wednesdays 10am-12noon.
Please click on image for more information.

We also run a Wheelchair No Strings Badminton session on Thursdays (20.00-21.30)


Contact:- Nick Holden email: n.holden@kingsrecreation.co.uk


Coaching Courses Within Kent

Below are Coaching Course course dates that have been set to run within Kent. Applications are made online using the links below.

Possible participants can apply for financial assistance from BE (there is a finite pot of money for suitable candidates so the sooner the bursary application form gets sent in the better!).


Level 2

Course Code: L2CC/19/06
Dates: 19th August & 30th September 2018

Booking Link:


Electronic Match Score Card
(based on Excel spreadsheet)

Terry Jemmet has produced RPS electronic match score cards.

Current versions are:
4 player last updated 26 August 2011
6 player last updated 07 October 2011
Composite last updated 26 August 2011
Please replace your existing blank copies with any
new versions.

 A blank copy of each of these cards can be downloaded from the Reference Material section of this web site




Badminton England CRB verifier.

Philip Chipperfield
a Badminton England CRB verifier.
If you wish to take
advantage of his service he can be  contacted on philipchipash@aol.com


Cash 4 Clubs

Any sports clubs that are registered with their sports National Governing Body or local authority can apply for grants of up to £1,000 through the Cash 4 Clubs grants scheme.

Click for more information.



North Foreland area is situated within North East Kent, England, covering towns and cities such as Broadstairs, Birchington, Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Margate, Minster, Sandwich, Westgate and Whitstable

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